The Knowlton Group’s VeriCU Data Platform

Your Competitive Advantage to Building a Data-Driven Organization

The VeriCU Data Platform

The Knowlton Group’s VeriCU Data Platform is a data warehouse solution that is designed specifically for credit unions wanting to take their analytics to the next level of performance. The data warehouse can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.

With a strong pre-built foundation and a plethora of customizable components, the data warehouse perfectly blends the cost and speed-of-implementation of a pre-built solution with the flexibility and customization of a custom-built data warehouse.

VeriCU Data Platform integrates with key non-core data sources like the consumer loan origination system (“LOS”), mortgage LOS, online/mobile banking, GL, and a host of other key applications at the credit union.

Speed is critical to success with data. That’s why we designed the VeriCU Data Platform to be deployed in as little as 72 hours. We didn’t give it the nickname The 72 Hour Data Warehouse™ for no reason!

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VeriCU’s features, usability and added value will guide your credit union to achieve greater performance and efficiency. Here’s what you can expect.

What separates the VeriCU Data Platform from the competition?

The VeriCU Data Platform can be deployed in as little as 72 hours. Gone are the days of waiting months to start using your new data warehouse.

The VeriCU Data Platform integrates data from dozens of common non-core applications including leading consumer loan origination systems, mortgage loan origination systems, third-party servicers, credit and debit card processors, GL systems, and much more.

Our unique philosophy allows you to maintain access to the data warehouse even after the initial licensing period has expired. No more worrying about getting the plug pulled at the end of your contracts.

VeriCU comes equipped with the ability to deploy valuable analytics applications in the areas of member engagement, attrition, profitability, and more from day one.

The VeriCU Data Platform is your data solution, not The Knowlton Group’s. We tailor the data model and integrations to fit how your specific credit union needs to see the data. Best of all? Customizations come included as part of your deployment at no extra cost.

Sick of cumbersome batch, file-based integrations with data sources? Us too. Where we have access to an API, all integrations are built using vendor APIs enabling rapid, flexible, and frequent updates to the data platform.

The VeriCU Data Platform can be deployed on-premise, within your existing server and network infrastructure, or in the cloud with leading cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Curious about how VeriCU can transform your data into actionable insights with our unparalleled data warehousing solution?

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Stop chasing down data across all of your applications and departments. VeriCU helps solve the following typical credit union pain points: