We’ve published quite a few articles this year! With the number of articles published, we wanted to create a post where we summarized our top ten most viewed articles about data and analytics. So, without further ado, here they are:

1. 5 Steps to Developing Your Business Intelligence Strategy

From Brewster Knowlton of The Knowlton Group – five steps you can start completing today to begin developing your business intelligence strategy.

2. KPIs and The Sierpinski Triangle

Learn how the Sierpinski Triangle is the perfect visualization for how an organization’s KPIs and departmental metrics should be organized and defined.

3. Reporting – First Step for Business Intelligence

Business intelligence for community banks and credit unions doesn’t have to be hard. Start with basic reporting, keep things simple, and take small steps.

4. Data Inventory: What and Why

A data inventory defines all data sources available to your organization along with ownership details, descriptions, priorities and other relevant details.

5. When Life Gives You Data, Make Information

Data for the sake of data is meaningless. Real value comes from turning data into information. We explain a simple process to make get most out of your data

6. Analytics in the Credit Union and Banking Industry: A Competitive Necessity

Analytics in the bank and credit union industries will become a necessity for survival. Those who adopt early will see significant competitive advantages.

7. 5 Reasons to Invest in Data and Analytics in 2016

As we enter the new year, learn five critical reasons why your organization should invest in data and analytics in 2016 and become data-driven.

8. Common Business Intelligence Roles

Learn about some of the most common business intelligence roles that will need to be fulfilled as you deploy and expand your business intelligence solution.

9. The CLO and Lending Analytics

In this post, we highlight five ways that CLOs can use lending analytics to improve their operations and drive loan growth.

10. Analytics and “The Flywheel Effect”

Jim Collins’ “Flywheel Effect” perfectly applies to the world of analytics. Learn how starting your analytics program has a “flywheel effect” as well!

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