Analytics:360 Podcast

We are incredibly excited to (finally) reveal our soon-to-be-released A:360 analytics podcast series!

What is A:360?

A:360 stands for “Analytics:360”. The podcast will discuss a variety of topics in the field of data and analytics; a 360-degree view of analytics if you will!

Our goal is to release two A:360 podcasts per week to keep content fresh, current, and consistent. Each podcast will be no less than 90 seconds and no longer than the length of a song. Designed for the busy executive, we want to provide immediately actionable information without taking up more than a few minutes of your workday or commute. A few minutes each day with us will provide you with some great insights to help your organization work towards becoming data-driven!

Topics We Will Discuss

Here are some of the few topics that we will be discussing:

  • What does it mean to become a data-driven organization?
  • What is a KPI?
  • What is a data warehouse?
  • What is an enterprise data strategy?
  • Do you have the right KPIs?
  • What does data integration matter?
  • What skills should your team learn?
  • and MANY, MANY more topics!

How Can You Stay Updated with A:360?

There are a few ways to stay connected and updated with the A:360:

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Analytics:360 Podcast

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