industrial organizational psychology

Some of our more recent posts have included topics about employee engagement, turnover, Millennials, and other similar topics. They tend to have been focused more around the people that make up an organization. While The Knowlton Group’s objective is to help organizations become data-driven, we also recognize the importance of taking into consideration how some of these decisions impact employees and an organization’s culture.

What is Industrial Organizational Psychology?

Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology is exactly what it sounds like. It involves helping industries and organizations to improve their effectiveness through psychological principles. In other words, it is the study of people and behavior in a work setting. Although many people have never heard of I/O Psychology, it dates back to 1910 when the first I/O book was published.

Industrial Organizational Psychology is a very research and data-driven field. In fact, I/O professionals are highly sought out for their expertise. Companies like Best Buy and Target have in house I/O consultants to help manage and avoid a variety of organizational challenges.

How can I/O Psychology help my organization?

Because the industry is part of the field of psychology, many people assume I/O Practitioners and Psychologists provide counseling services. This is certainly not the case. Someone with a background in Industrial Organizational Psychology is hired to improve organizational effectiveness through techniques pertaining to business processes and the quality of employees’ work-life.

I/O specialists can assist companies improve, design, and evaluate programs and processes in key areas such as:

In addition to assisting with process management, I/O practitioners also help organizations by improving work-life for their employees by evaluating and providing insight on how to improve:

  • Engagement
  • Morale
  • Motivation
  • Rewards programs
  • Team cohesion
  • Retention and turnover
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Managing virtual teams
  • Employee health and wellness
  • Diversity

Industrial Organizational expertise can provide an immense impact in regards to helping organizations make data-driven, employee and culture-related decisions and provide a competitive advantage compared to traditional practices. An organization’s success is often dependent on the quality and well-being of its employees. I/O Psychology couples psychology and business to help organizations improve productivity and efficiency, increase profits, and avoid costly mistakes.

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