A few backs at the 2017 Credit Union Analytics Summit hosted by First Tech Federal Credit Union in Redmond, Washington, Brewster Knowlton moderated a panel with five fantastic industry leaders in the analytics space. The panelists included:

  • Naveen Jain, VP Digital Analytics at First Tech Federal Credit Union
  • Clay Yearsley, SVP Data Analytics at Texas Trust Credit Union
  • Harsh Tiwari, CDO at CUNA Mutual
  • Ben Morales, CEO at Q-Cash Financial and CTO at Washington State Employees’ Credit Union
  • Matt Duke, Director of Data Analytics and Product Management at Cisco

If you are an organization (in any industry!) wondering how to get started with analytics, this panel discussion is worth watching. We discuss several topics including:

  • How do you get started with data?
  • How can you identify quick wins and gain momentum for analytics?
  • What are the most crucial points to consider when getting started with data?
  • How do you address and manage the cultural transformation component of analytics initiatives?

Either watch on YouTube or press play below!

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