In the latest CUBroadcast interview, Brewster Knowlton of The Knowlton Group and Nolan Walker of Suncoast Credit Union talk about cloud technologies, the VeriCU Data Lakehouse, and how credit unions can leverage these technologies to have success with data analytics.

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Boston, Mass. – October 13, 2021 – The Knowlton Group, a leading data analytics solutions provider for credit unions, today announced the launch of their VeriCU Data Lakehouse, a modern, cloud-native data lakehouse platform designed to elevate business intelligence, analytics, and data science for the credit union industry. A combination of the best features of a data warehouse and a data lake, the VeriCU Data Lakehouse encompasses all aspects of data engineering, data science, integrations, data-driven applications, and data governance in a single unified platform.

The world subsists on data— data analysis, data integration, and data security and privacy. Credit unions are no different, meeting the ever-present demand of personalized member relations, scalable growth, and competitive advantage. With complete data integration, governance, and classification features, the VeriCU Data Lakehouse supports current and future data analytics initiatives with seamless data collaboration and endless use cases customized for each organization.

To accelerate the analytics journey for credit unions, the VeriCU Data Lakehouse boasts a large reporting suite built on top of Power BI.  Combined with VeriCU’s data model and industry-leading integration library, credit unions will be able to fully unlock the power of their data.

Brewster Knowlton, Founder of The Knowlton Group explained, “In melding the structure and model of a pre-built data warehouse with the flexibility and scalability of a data lake, VeriCU Data Lakehouse users not only receive targeted precision analytics but also see them yield actionable results which fuel the mission and vision of their credit union to improve member service, drive growth, and deliver on the promise of improving member financial well-being.”

Amplifying High-Performance Data:

Once implementation is finished in days – not months – the VeriCU Data Lakehouse platform combines the best elements of a data warehouse and date lake, which encompasses:

  • Integration with common credit union vendors
  • Data science and machine learning
  • Modern, cloud-native architecture
  • Consultancy expertise throughout entire implementation

Staff can access a simple portal for basic reporting, ingest third-party data quickly for ad-hoc modeling, and leverage the platform for data science and statistical modeling all from one unified data platform.

VeriCU is member-centric, delivering precision through:

  • Affordability with easy-to-understand cloud pricing based largely on utilization – not static, fixed costs
  • Support for credit unions looking to get started with a new cloud environment or implanting the VeriCU Data Lakehouse into an existing cloud environment.
  • Seamless data integrations to nearly 50 non-core, leading credit union products (consumer loan origination system, mortgage loan origination systems, mortgage servicers, debit/credit providers, digital banking solution, etc.)


About Us

 The Knowlton Group is a leading credit union data analytics solutions provider founded in 2013. The team consists of leading experts with decades of credit union experience encompassing software development, analytics, and executive management. The Knowlton Group’s products and services encompass all aspects of data analytics allowing us to address any need your organization may have throughout the data journey.

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