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Plymouth, MN (June 8, 2015) – OnApproach (www.onapproach.com), a leading provider of advanced reporting and analytics solutions for credit unions, has entered into a partnership with The Knowlton Group (www.knowlton-group.com) to provide custom business intelligence solutions to enable credit unions to become more efficient and data-driven. The Knowlton Group works with OnApproach customers to automate reporting processes, minimize manual efforts, and develop custom Business Intelligence solutions by leveraging their OnApproach M360™ Enterprise data warehouse. 

OnApproach’s industry standard, enterprise data model, OnApproach M360™ Enterprise, enables credit unions to eliminate data silos and establish a single source of truth.  Consolidating data from many disparate sources enhances data quality and eliminates the need to manually gather data. This high quality, automated data integration process creates the foundation to support fact-based decision-making and the discovery of insights into better ways to serve members. 

The Knowlton Group is a provider of business intelligence consulting services with a strong focus on financial institutions.  By automating existing reporting and business processes, credit unions can save thousands of hours each year while improving data analytics efforts.  Using the entire Microsoft Business Intelligence stack (SQL, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, and SharePoint), our business intelligence solutions can benefit credit unions of all sizes.

“Credit unions have a tremendous amount of data at their disposal.  Partnering with the right outside consultants, CUSOs, and vendors can open up tremendous data-driven opportunities.  OnApproach delivers a fantastic data warehouse to their customers that instantly drew me to them and their product.  By combining their skills to deliver a high-quality data warehouse with The Knowlton Group’s ability to develop business intelligence solutions, we enable credit unions to do so much more with their data than they may have ever thought possible.” – Brewster Knowlton, Founder at The Knowlton Group

OnApproach and The Knowlton Group entered into a partnership to combine their distinctive competencies on targeted projects. A recent example is extracting data from a popular loan origination application and integrating this data with OnApproach M360TM Enterprise. The result will enable credit union clients to better manage their loan portfolios.

About The Knowlton Group

Established in 2013, The Knowlton Group set out to help organizations use their data more effectively by optimizing reporting operations and improving analytics.  After having worked with companies across various industries, The Knowlton Group recognized a significant opportunity to help credit unions.  By providing business intelligence solutions to improve data-driven insights, decision-making, and operations, credit unions can grow, flourish and continue to serve their members.

About OnApproach

OnApproach is a CUSO that focuses on providing credit unions with the power to use data as a competitive advantage both independently and cooperatively. With OnApproach, credit unions can now harness the value of Big Data through integration and predictive analytics. This deeper understanding of data allows credit unions to discover vital trends in member behavior, resulting in improved financial performance, reduced risk, and enriched relationships with members.

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