There are plenty of data and analytics consultants in the market. The choice of a data and analytics consultant can be critical to the success of your project, so how you can be sure you have chosen the best team to partner with?

At The Knowlton Group, we specialize in working with financial institutions. We know your challenges, the technology you utilize, and can provide solutions backed by expertise and experience.

But so can a handful of other qualified consultancies.

What the other consultancies don’t have is what we call “The Knowlton Group Advantage”.

The Knowlton Group Advantage and Why It Matters

“The Knowlton Group Advantage” is the closest thing to a full service data and analytics solution that can be provided to financial institutions. With our partner ecosystem and in-house expertise, we can help you manage and implement each component of a data and analytics program.

The Knowlton Group Advantage

There are several key steps involved with any data and analytics program.

Data and Analytics Strategy

You must have a plan of action and a strategic direction defined before commencing any data and analytics project. A data and analytics strategy is required to drive the strategic direction of the program for the next several years. Combining execution and strategy, this offering is critical to long-term success.

Data and Analytics Talent Acquisition and Staffing

Third party vendors and consultants can only do so much. Eventually, an organization must have the right internal talent to drive the strategic direction of the data and analytics program. The Knowlton Group can source, assess, and recommend the best data and analytics talent based on the cultural fit and skills required for the role.

Data Warehouse Implementation and Customization

Organization’s that have a data warehouse in place often require additional integrations or customizations after the initial implementation. Need to integrate your new loan origination system or other third-party application into your data warehouse? No problem.

If you don’t have a data warehouse currently implemented, we have existing relationships with vendors who have been handpicked based on their ability to provide the highest quality product.

Data-Driven Business Strategies

You have a data warehouse in place and a data and analytics team staffed. Now what?

Let our team and partners work with you to define how best to leverage the data and analytics platform in place. We have helped each and every business unit within the bank or credit union drive business decisions and strategies through the use of data and analytics.

We can help you put your data to use.

Statistical Modeling and Analytics

There are times when advanced statistical modeling and predictive analytics requires a highly specialized skill set and expertise. From segmentation to product propensity analysis to advanced machine learning applications, we can recommend the top experts in these areas (and more!) to ensure seamless delivery and execution.

Why it matters

There are many moving parts in a data and analytics program. This can present significant challenges to organizations without the in-house experience and expertise. Through our own internal capabilities and the strengths of our relationships with the best vendors in the market, we can fully support and manage the entire data and analytics lifecycle.

Take the stress out of your data and analytics program with The Knowlton Group Advantage.