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The Knowlton Group Launches the VeriCU Data Lakehouse Providing A Single, Cloud-Native Platform for Credit Unions to Unlock Data, Analytics and Data Science Potential

Boston, Mass. – October 13, 2021 – The Knowlton Group, a leading data analytics solutions provider for credit unions, today announced the launch of their VeriCU Data Lakehouse, a modern, cloud-native data lakehouse platform designed to elevate business intelligence, analytics, and data science for the credit union industry. A combination of the best features of […]

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Your Data Analytics Checklist– Four Questions To Ensure Data Analytics Success 

We are half-way through the year! Now is an excellent time to stop and assess the credit union’s data analytics initiatives and course-correct any gaps in your program. Take this quick check-up to assess your progress on becoming a data-driven organization. (  ) Are you integrating data from multiple data sources regularly into a single source […]

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Credit Union Guidebook: 13 Steps to Select the Right Data Analytics Partner

Before you make an important, strategy-driving decision about your analytics solution, be armed with all the answers you need to select the best partner for your credit union.
This guidebook will provide you with:
  • Key qualities that attribute to a great data analytics solution. 
  • Determining the support criteria you should receive during and after implementation.
  • Strategies to best analyze partner track-record, industry expertise, product customization, and pricing/fees.

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Complete this form below to gain access to our Data Analytics Partner Selection guidebook.

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Five Steps to Improve Member Data Analysis – Part 1

Member data analysis is all about getting a crystal-clear understanding of who your members are at a detailed level through data analysis. By investing in better data analysis techniques, your organization is committing to collecting and scrutinizing large volumes of data to paint a clear picture of each individual member (their demographics, behaviors, preferences, major life […]