Action Management Platform

AMP up your credit union with advanced analytic insights provided by The Knowlton

Group’s Action Management Platform (AMP)

Profitability Module

AMP up your analytics insights with our advanced profit module. An advanced profitability solution built from the account-level up gives you unparalleled insights into your organization’s profitability.

Member Engagement Module

Using advanced statistical modeling, each member is assigned an engagement score based on their products, service, transaction activity, and non-financial engagement with your credit union. Recommended actions for improving engagement within each segment are identified at the member level and are ready-made for your marketing team.

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Attrition Prediction Module

Using historical markers and advanced analytics, we identify members “at-risk” members and segments so your team can re-onboard these individuals before they leave the credit union.

Transaction Classification Module

Using our industry-leading VeriCU Data Platform, we use an advanced matching algorithm to classify ACH, POS, credit and debit card transactions.  This allows your organization to understand where members are spending their money, where else they are making loan payments, and a variety of other actionable outputs.