Online SQL Training

Do you want to learn a skill that can help you earn nearly $100,000 per year? If so, then this course is for you!

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the language we use to interact with databases that store data. This allows us to retrieve data with ease and simplicity. As terms like business intelligence and big data become more familiar, businesses will need more people to learn the SQL language.

At The Knowlton Group, we’ve designed the perfect online SQL training course for beginners. Simple, step-by-step instructions will teach you the basics of SQL getting you on your way towards becoming a SQL pro!

Our online SQL training course, “Microsoft SQL for Beginners” will teach you how to use the SQL language in Microsoft SQL Server, one of the most popular database engines in the world.

You will have plenty of video lessons to teach you the majority of the content. Each section includes practice problems or additional e-books to help reinforce what you learn in the video tutorials.

How do I sign up?

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Course Goals

  • Complete literal SELECT statements
  • Complete basic SELECT statements querying against a single table
  • Filter data using the WHERE clause
  • Sort data using the ORDER BY clause
  • Learn about database design and normalization
  • Using joins, return columns from multiple tables in the same query
  • Understand the difference between the INNER JOIN, LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN, and FULL OUTER JOIN
  • Complete SQL statements that use aggregate functions
  • Group data together using the GROUP BY clause
  • Filter groups of data using the HAVING clause
Want to know what our past students have said about the course?!

Excellent training, great instructor, this has been one of the best trainings I have taken. The instructor is very clear in explaining the concepts and examples. I absolutely love that the trainer provides multiple practice exercises for practicing the material covered as that is the only way one can learn SQL, it is all about practice. Thank you for providing exercise problems to work on for practice. Please keep the exercise problems coming and growing for reinforcement of the learning. I will love to see more trainings related to RDMS from this instructor, he is great. ie: Microsoft BI, SSRS or Database Design, Oracle 11i, PL/SQL etc . Can not say it enough GREAT JOB! – Melinda

Excellent course, very clearly explained with logical progression. Perfect for a beginner looking to gain a working knowledge of SQL. – Nick Osborne

Very clear and simple explanations and examples going just enough beyond the basics to make this useful for beginners who understand databases in general. Thanks! – Jenny Schwenn

Informative and well paced. Slightly quick at times but then I’m a slow typer. For me the addition of the tests at the end of the sections is vital and something a lot of other courses are missing – it really helps ensure you’ve learnt it all. Good stuff! – Kris Tearse

I really like this course because it is very thorough and detailed. It seems to cover all of the important concepts you need to know about SQL. The teaching style is also exceptional. It follows a pattern of lecturing a bit about the concept, and then walking through several hands-on examples which are really very helpful! Brewster is an awesome instructor! Whenever I ran into any sort of issue, I emailed him and he is very responsive and conscientious. I can’t wait to take any other his SQL classes in the future! Good job Brewster! – Wossen

Easy to follow and absorb. Can stop and start to take notes and replay if need to go back for better understanding. Instructor puts the terms in a simple form for beginners to follow – Mark Wilson

So far the easiest tutorial to understand & follow by for an example. I definitely am brushing up my skill sets & learning new ones as well. – Syed Yusuf

The course exceeded my expectation for a beginner course. The course is well presented and goes into enough detail to give you a really good grounding in SQL. Being self-taught I thought be good idea to take this course to improve my my understanding of SQL. – Kevin Esther

This course is so easy to follow and understand. Before I started this course i didn’t think I would ever get my head around SQL, but it really is easy as pie! – Adam Pinner

After, reviewing this course midway and having spent some time doing the directive of the course. I find the instructor has a great deal of experience and can give thoughtful expression on the topic of SQL. The course is broken into individual segments that are easy to contain and follow. I would enjoy a course from Brewster Knowlton for certification training Querying Microsoft SQL Server (MS-20461) 461. Thank-you – Roderick Vorhees

Very informative and straight to the point with clear explanations. I learned a lot from doing this. The practice/bonus worksheets are extremely helpful and I recommend doing them as you go along. – Matt Chambers

I love this course, it’s broken into bite size chunks, which makes it easier to keep up with and understand. – Andrea Levett

This course is worth a heck of a lot more than 20 bucks. – Robert Paolillo

Great course! Instructor is clear, course materials are perfectly suited to the curriculum. Highly recommended – this guy makes SQL easy. – Josh Metz

I knew next to nothing about SQL and this course was perfect for me. It starts from square one. Brewster has a good pace and good examples. I also appreciate the reference documents provided. – Matthew Carter

I am new to SQL and found this course excellent. Every statement seems to contain meaning. Pay close attention. I have viewed the course several times and have learned something new each time. It is a great way to absorb the nuances even at a beginner’s stage. I highly recommend this course as a foundation for other courses. The pace and examples are excellent. Problems are instructive and insightful. Thanks for a great course. Worth every penny. – John Brown

Extremely good and concise course. Really! I rarely give 5 stars. It is exactly what you need if you are a starter. Maybe only the last section is a bit more difficult and could have been slightly better explained, but you can review it anytime. – Radu Faciu

Easy-to-follow lectures and instruction with examples to really practice what is being discussed. Instructor was thorough and very responsive to questions. As a beginner, I got a lot out of the course! Definitely recommend! – David Moscol