Data Warehouse Solutions

Most application databases that power businesses today are not designed to handle business intelligence endeavors effectively. The presence of a growing number of third-party applications implies an increase in data decentralization. Growth in decentralization makes it more challenging for organizations to efficiently analyze metrics cross-functionally and across applications. Exporting reports from one system to compare to reports gathered from another system is an archaic and cumbersome process. With low velocity in data analysis, organizations cannot expect to gather the necessary data and make a data-driven decision in a short window of opportunity.

data warehouse

All of the issues described above can be mitigated with an effectively delivered data warehouse or collection of data marts. A business intelligence solution is most effective with a data warehouse at its core. Centralization of data, the ability to analyze historical trends, improved reporting, faster data analysis and a plethora of other benefits define the many successes a data warehouse yields. Whether your organization is looking to develop a full enterprise data warehouse or a smaller, functionally-focused data mart, The Knowlton Group can provide you with a custom data warehousing solution for your financial institution.

Data Warehousing & Data Mart Solutions:

  • Automate Reporting and Data Extraction Tasks
  • Metadata Repository and Key Term Standardization
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Reduce load on operational systems
  • Improve query performance
  • Perform historical trending and analysis
  • Centralized and integrated location for all data sources
  • Improved reporting capabilities

“Brewster Knowlton, from a customer’s perspective: When you need to maximize your investments in technology; but just don’t have the bandwidth to do it all yourself, you reach out to consultants. Or as was the case with The Knowlton Group, I discovered an SME that I could partner with to meet my goals and still keep the bottom line where it belongs, at the bottom of the pile. After all, there are equally important things to focus on, spending too much on a project is not one of them when you align with the right people.

Brewster’s knowledge of all things SQL was very noticeable during the vendor selection phase of our DR Enhancement Project. However, what I personally witnessed during the very first meeting and each subsequent one after that, was an extremely talented mastery of the systems and tools that Brewster was intimately familiar with. That’s an understatement, as I saw the commands, creation of stored procedures, new tables, ETLs, queries, and methods of displaying the data flow from his mind, through the keyboard and onto our screens. This is what Information is supposed to be, meaningful, concise, and helpful. Not buried in an endless array of numbers and letters that overwhelm even the brightest people.

Instead of selling us on the idea that we had to buy more tools that required even greater breadth of knowledge on a subject we had very little expertise in, Brewster demonstrated the hidden gems within our existing licenses. An encounter with Brewster did not pass without me recognizing that I had finally hit the jackpot with regards to finding the right resource to take us to the next level.

It would be enough to stop there; but I have to acknowledge another skill set of his that is seldom seen in DBA’s of his caliber. Brewster can really present. I mean, organize a presentation to help others see what they need to be shown, express it in a way that is comprehended by all levels of the organization, and really sell it. Attending numerous presentations that were lead by Brewster gave me the distinct privilege of seeing what else he had up his sleeve. He was engaging, informative, professional, and to the point.

I know who I’m going to call on for my next database project.”

-Scott White, Director of Applications at Saratoga Hospital

For additional information on data warehousing, see our post “Why Build a Data Warehouse” that describes some of the benefits of data warehouse solutions.