Data and Analytics Talent Acquisition and Staffing

data and analytics talent, BI talent

How can you find the right data and analytics talent?

Hiring skilled, qualified, full-time data and analytics talent is a challenging endeavor for any organization. Especially for those companies with no experience hiring this type of talent, the sourcing and assessment of candidates proves to be an immense challenge.

At The Knowlton Group, we apply our extensive data and analytics background with our in-house Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I-O Psychology) team to find you the perfect candidate:

  • Design the right job description for your analytics needs
  • Data and analytics skills assessment for each qualified candidate
  • Rigorous screening and qualification interviews
  • Person-Organization fit assessments/li>
  • Access to a strong network of experienced talent

Who better to assess data and analytics talent than our qualified team of data and analytics professionals?

Our ability to source, screen, and assess candidates ensures that your internal team is interviewing and assessing only the top talent. This means a simpler, more efficient and less time-consuming hiring process while ultimately finding the best talent available.

If you have plans to hire data and analytics staff, contact us and ask how we can help.