Outsourced Chief Data Officer

Is your organization struggling to become data-driven? Do you feel you know where you want to go with analytics, but you simply haven’t been able to make it happen? With The Knowlton Group’s Outsourced Chief Data Officer (CDO) offering, we can step in and ensure your organization executes its data strategy and achieves the goals set forth for data analytics.

With Brewster Knowlton and The Knowlton Group as your outsourced CDO, we bring the perfect blend of innovation and pragmatism – of strategy and execution. From revamping your existing data strategy to creating an analytics team and managing their day-to-day operations, we dive deep into your organization to help you start to win with data. We will walk step-by-step with your organization through all aspects of data strategy, data architecture, data visualization, and data-driven decision making to maximize the value that data can provide to your organization.

Want to learn more? Contact Brewster Knowlton at brewster@knowlton-group.com or call 860-593-7842.

About Brewster Knowlton

Brewster Knowlton is the Owner and Principal Consultant of The Knowlton Group, a data and analytics consultancy with a focus on the financial industry. After getting his start at a boutique business intelligence consulting firm, Brewster was fortunate enough to spend over a year at State Employees’ Federal Credit Union (SEFCU) – one of the top fifty credit unions in the United States with $3.3 billion in assets and 350,000 members. Working diligently to improve their analytics maturity, Brewster quickly discovered that there was a systemic lack of analytics competency throughout the credit union industry.

Finally giving way to his entrepreneurial ambitions, Brewster left SEFCU to start The Knowlton Group. By applying his expert-level data analytics technical expertise with innovative business strategy, Brewster and The Knowlton Group advise clients on designing, implementing, and evolving their analytics strategies and digital initiatives. From supporting strategic management efforts to supplementing development resources, The Knowlton Group provides full lifecycle support for clients wishing to become data-driven organizations.

Brewster and The Knowlton Group have been quoted or referenced in several industry journals including: The CU Times, Credit Union Journal, Credit Union Business, CU Insight, CUNA News, and BankNXT. He is becoming a frequent speaker at industry events on the topic of analytics and has presented at several events including the Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference and the Credit Union Analytics Summit. He is the author behind the “A:360” analytics podcast, and he has instructed twoof the best-selling and highly-rated online SQL courses on the popular online learning platform, Udemy.