Technology Innovations Changing the Financial Institution Ecosystem

The Financial Applications for AI and Machine Learning If you’ve been following our FIRST and SECOND installments of this three-part series on machine learning and artificial intelligence, then you are ready for our conclusion of how these advanced technologies and applications are changing the financial services ecosystem. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been major contributors to […]

A:360 Podcast #21 – Analytics and Process Improvement

Today’s A:360 talks about how success with analytics can directly support your process improvement initiatives. You’ll hear about how processes can be made significantly more efficient through a deeper analysis into your organization’s application data. Listen to Brewster Knowlton describe this in more detail in the podcast below or on iTunes! Subscribe to have new […]

Four R Digital Marketing

A:360 Podcast #20 – The 4 R’s of Analytics-Driven Digital Marketing

Today’s A:360 discusses an idea known as “The Four R’s”. “The Four R’s” is a digital marketing framework The Knowlton Group created to conceptualize analytics-driven digital marketing efforts that the modern consumer expects. The Four R’s are: Right Time Right Product/Service Right Channel Right Member/Customer Leveraging a strong data and analytics competency, organizations must deliver […]

A:360 Podcast #11 – BI Tools Alone Are Not Enough

Today’s A:360 discusses why BI software alone is not enough to accomplish your analytics objectives. BI tools are an integral (and necessary!) part of your analytics strategy. However, they alone will not solve all of your objectives for data and analytics. Learn why this true and how you can properly leverage these technologies. Watch and […]

sample data inventory

A:360 Podcast #10 – What is a Data Inventory?

Today’s A:360 discusses the significance of a data inventory when beginning your data and analytics program. From understanding what data sources and applications your organization possesses to understanding in what format each data source is stored, a data inventory is a critical first step towards building a sustainable analytics program. Watch and Listen Click to […]

A:360 Podcast #2 – What is a KPI?

Today’s “A:360” podcast talks about KPIs and answers the question “What is a KPI?”. Learn what makes a KPI different from a standard metric and why they are so critical for your organization’s strategic success. Take a look at our previous posts on KPIs and how to know if you have the right KPIs for […]

A:360 Podcast #1 – What Does It Mean to Be Data-Driven?

In this A:360 podcast, we discuss what it means for an organization to be data-driven. We describe some of the traits and features that a data-driven organization possesses. Watch on YouTube Listen to the Podcast Podcast Transcription Welcome to today’s A:360 podcast. My name is Brewster Knowlton, and today we’re going to be talking about […]

A:360 Podcast #0 – Intro to A:360

Subscribe and listen to the A:360 podcast on iTunes, play the YouTube video, listen to audio, or read the transcript! Next Tuesday (10/11/16) we will be releasing Podcast 001: What It Means to Be Data-Driven! Presentation and Audio Podcast Follow the link to Subscribe on iTunes! Transcription Hey everyone! Welcome to the first of what […]

Analytics:360 Podcast

New Podcast Series – A:360

We are incredibly excited to (finally) reveal our soon-to-be-released A:360 analytics podcast series! What is A:360? A:360 stands for “Analytics:360”. The podcast will discuss a variety of topics in the field of data and analytics; a 360-degree view of analytics if you will! Our goal is to release two A:360 podcasts per week to keep […]

What’s Holding You Back from Being Data-Driven?

Let’s face it: we live in a world where a strong data and analytics competency is becoming a “must have” for successful companies. Despite the growing significance of analytics, the majority of banks and credit unions are not “data-driven” organizations. We’ve uncovered a number of common reasons why investment in data and analytics has been […]