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Reporting – First Step for Business Intelligence

The terms business intelligence, data and analytics, and big data strike a combination of excitement and fear into business leaders’ minds. My goal for this post is to alleviate some of the fears associated with business intelligence and analytics (big data is a whole different world). Community banks and credit unions, regardless of size, can […]

What I Learned Starting The Knowlton Group

Yesterday, LinkedIn reminded me that The Knowlton Group has been around for three years! It certainly doesn’t feel like three years have passed since filing all the documentation and getting the company officially registered. Reflecting on this, the only thing more surprising than how fast time has flown is how much has changed in that […]

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How a CFO Can Use Data and Analytics

Over the past few weeks, we have released posts describing how different members of the C-suite can make use of data and analytics. We started out discussing five ways CMOs can use data and then talked about the CLO and lending analytics. In this post, we want to highlight the ways that a CFO (Chief […]

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Data and Analytics Projects: Focus on the Business First

An increasing number of organizations are making data and analytics an integral part of their business operations. In Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris’ book Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, they define the most analytically advanced businesses as “Analytical Competitors”. These organizations embed data and analytics into their operations and are a fundamental […]

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The CLO and Lending Analytics

In one of our last posts, we talked about how marketers can use data. As part of the growing usage of data and analytics, we want to highlight the different ways key executives can leverage data to drive their business. In this post, we discuss five ways that lending analytics can be used in any […]


SQL Except Set Operation

What is the SQL EXCEPT set operation? The SQL EXCEPT set operation is another set operation like the UNION or INTERSECT operations. This operation, however, returns all rows from the first query except those rows that appears in the second query. Think of this as subtraction but for sets. Visually, the SQL EXCEPT set operation […]

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What is the SQL INTERSECT set operation The SQL INTERSECT set operation returns the distinct rows from two or more queries that appear in each query’s results. Unlike the SQL UNION set operation that returns all rows from both queries, the SQL INTERSECT operation only returns the rows that appear in both queries. Visualized with […]

Six Business Lessons Learned from College Athletics

This post by Brewster Knowlton originally appeared on LinkedIn. I was fortunate enough to play college lacrosse at one of the top division three programs in the country – Western New England University.  Four years of fall ball, freezing mid-January practices, welts, bruises, triumph and defeat taught me more than I could have ever realized.   For […]

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Five Ways CMOs Can Use Data

Data and analytics is exploding. Whether you call it big data, business intelligence, or analytics, it is clear that the use of data is going to be critical to any company’s success. Especially in the bank and credit union industry, data and analytics is a relatively new concept. Sure, data has been used in the […]

SQL Union Set Operation

SQL Set Operations: UNION

What is the SQL UNION set operation? The SQL UNION set operation combines the results of two separate queries into a single result that contains all rows from both queries. Visualized by a Venn diagram, the UNION set operation looks like: Notice that every section of the circles (representing the results of separate queries) is […]