Using T-SQL Ranking Functions

It is a common request in data analysis to rank rows of data.  For example, “rank our top 10 lenders based on origination volume?”.  Some of these questions can be solved with the GROUP BY clause, while others can take advantage of T-SQL ranking functions.

Having Business Intelligence Software ≠ Having Business Intelligence

But I just bought this expensive, fancy data warehouse and reporting software? What do you mean I don’t have business intelligence?  A rampant thought amongst executives in the throes of their first business intelligence initiative is that if they have business intelligence tools then they must have business intelligence. That is sort of like saying […]

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Why Build a Data Warehouse?

Everyone seems to have built one and those who haven’t want one. A rational person might question whether or not this is simply a fad – a buzz word to throw around in conversation – or if there truly is a business justification for the effort and expense involved in data warehousing. For small and […]