A:360 Podcast #21 – Analytics and Process Improvement

Today’s A:360 talks about how success with analytics can directly support your process improvement initiatives. You’ll hear about how processes can be made significantly more efficient through a deeper analysis into your organization’s application data. Listen to Brewster Knowlton describe this in more detail in the podcast below or on iTunes! Subscribe to have new […]

Four R Digital Marketing

A:360 Podcast #20 – The 4 R’s of Analytics-Driven Digital Marketing

Today’s A:360 discusses an idea known as “The Four R’s”. “The Four R’s” is a digital marketing framework The Knowlton Group created to conceptualize analytics-driven digital marketing efforts that the modern consumer expects. The Four R’s are: Right Time Right Product/Service Right Channel Right Member/Customer Leveraging a strong data and analytics competency, organizations must deliver […]

Starting the Data Analytics Journey Panel Discussion

A few backs at the 2017 Credit Union Analytics Summit hosted by First Tech Federal Credit Union in Redmond, Washington, Brewster Knowlton moderated a panel with five fantastic industry leaders in the analytics space. The panelists included: Naveen Jain, VP Digital Analytics at First Tech Federal Credit Union Clay Yearsley, SVP Data Analytics at Texas […]

Fourth Stage of Analytics Maturity: Analytical Enterprise

In my last post, I described the characteristics of organizations at the third, “Analytical Aspirations” stage of the analytics maturity model. In this post, we will dive into what an organization at the fourth stage, the “Analytical Enterprise” stage, of the analytics maturity model looks like. These posts on analytics maturity stages are heavily influenced […]

data-driven culture change management

A:360 Podcast #18 – Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Today’s A:360 discusses why developing and nurturing a data-driven culture is as crucial to your analytics success as your technology implementation. Many fail to realize that analytics is as much an exercise in change management as it is in development and programming. In this podcast, I’ll give my thoughts on why creating a strong data […]

A:360 Podcast #17 – Starting with a Question

Today’s A:360 discusses why it is critical to boil analytics down to well-defined questions. A question is the fundamental building block of analytics. Well-defined questions can shape and simplify the delivery of analytics to an organization. For those business users who aren’t quite sure what data they are looking for, helping them shape a question […]

data held hostage

Is Your Data Being Held Hostage?

More and more financial institutions are investing in developing their own analytics teams. Data warehousing and other modern analytics platforms are becoming the norm and not the exception. As these organizations start to develop their data strategy and implementation roadmap, some of them find that their data is being held hostage. What do I mean […]

analytics roi

A:360 Podcast #16 – Measuring Analytics ROI

Today’s A:360 discusses a few suggested ways to measure the return on investment (ROI) for your analytics initiatives. A common question I receive is “how do we determine the effectiveness of our analytics efforts?”. This podcast’s intent is to present a few possible ways to answer that very question about measuring analytics ROI. Watch and […]