anchor holding you back

A:360 Podcast #13 – Common Pushbacks for Analytics

Today’s A:360 discusses some of the common pushbacks that I often hear surrounding data, analytics, and becoming a data-driven organization. In this podcast, I’ll dispell some of these common pushbacks and explain how you can overcome these misconceptions and challenges. Watch and Listen Click to Watch on YouTube. Listen to the Podcast Click to Listen […]

what is big data?

A:360 Podcast #12 – What is Big Data?

Today’s A:360 discusses what the term big data really means. There are many interpretations and misconceptions about big data. In this podcast, we will provide a solid definition of big data and discuss what most people are referring to when they say the term “big data”. Watch and Listen Click to Watch on YouTube. Listen […]

A:360 Podcast #11 – BI Tools Alone Are Not Enough

Today’s A:360 discusses why BI software alone is not enough to accomplish your analytics objectives. BI tools are an integral (and necessary!) part of your analytics strategy. However, they alone will not solve all of your objectives for data and analytics. Learn why this true and how you can properly leverage these technologies. Watch and […]

sample data inventory

A:360 Podcast #10 – What is a Data Inventory?

Today’s A:360 discusses the significance of a data inventory when beginning your data and analytics program. From understanding what data sources and applications your organization possesses to understanding in what format each data source is stored, a data inventory is a critical first step towards building a sustainable analytics program. Watch and Listen Click to […]

analytics blueprint

A:360 Podcast #9 – Why Analytics Requires a Top-Down Approach

Today’s A:360 discusses why analytics requires a top-down approach. A top-down approach enables you to create a blueprint for your analytics program before getting started with development. Would you build a house without a blueprint? Of course not! Don’t make that mistake when building out your analytics program. Watch and Listen Click to Watch on […]

analytics flywheel effect

Podcast #8 – Analytics and “The Flywheel Effect”

Today’s A:360 talks about analytics and “The Flywheel Effect”. “The Flywheel Effect” comes from Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, and is an excellent metaphor for developing an analytics program at your organization. Watch and Listen Click to Watch on YouTube. Listen to the Podcast Click to Listen on SoundCloud Click to Listen to on […]

turning data into information

A:360 Podcast #7 – How Can You Turn Data into Information?

Today’s A:360 talks about how you can data into information. Data is simply raw numbers. Information has meaning and explains the raw numbers. Understanding the difference between data and information is critical. Knowing how to turn data into information is even more valuable. Watch and Listen Click to Watch on YouTube. Listen to the Podcast […]

why you should learn sql

A:360 Podcast #6 – Why Everyone Should Learn SQL

Today’s “A:360” discusses why as many people as possible should learn SQL. SQL, Structured Query Language, is the primary language used to interact with a database and is a critical foundation for analytics knowledge. Between strong career earnings and self-sufficiency, SQL is a skill everyone should learn. Watch and Listen Click to Watch on YouTube. […]

enterprise data strategy

A:360 Podcast #4 – What is an Enterprise Data Strategy?

Today’s “A:360” podcast answers the question “What is an enterprise data strategy?”. I describe what an enterprise data strategy is, what it must include, and some of the key points it needs to address. A well-defined enterprise data strategy will become the foundation of your analytics success and is of critical importance in your efforts […]