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Here at The Knowlton Group, we believe that every organization - no matter their size - can become data-driven. Whether you are a $200 million credit union or a $10 billion institution, every organization has the ability to become data-driven. You don't need to be the size of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, or Google to leverage the power of data and analytics.

How do we help? We believe that the best data and analytics program starts with a great strategy and clearly defined roadmap and implementation plan. Our personalized approach to each engagement ensures that the specific needs and goals of your financial institution are captured for maximum results.

We offer several services to enable your bank or credit union to become a data-driven organization:

If you believe, as we do, that your organization can and should become data-driven, send us an email or give us a call at 860-593-7842.

Recent Posts and Articles

  • Why the Lag Part 2: Solutions to Top Data Analytics Challenges

    Why the Lag Part 2: Solutions to Top Data Analytics Challenges

    If you have reviewed the some of the important steps and hurdles to overcome for credit unions to improve their analytics maturity outlined in our first article on Why the Lag, then you are ready for some more steps in the process. Challenge:  Maintaining data quality is a hurdle for many credit unions, but it […]Read More »
  • Why the Lag?

    Why the Lag?

    How Credit Unions Can Quickly Improve their Analytics Maturity   (Part 1) Is credit union leadership still moving cautiously and slowly when it comes to adopting data analytics technology?  Yes, according to The National Survey on Credit Union Data Analytics and Decisioning Trends that examined the adoption rates of analytics, priorities, budgets, and implementation timelines. The recent […]Read More »
  • Techniques to Combat Attrition through Analytics

    Techniques to Combat Attrition through Analytics

    You have probably heard the following statistic – it costs up to twenty-five times more for an organization to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. 1 Churn. Turnover. Attrition. No matter how you phrase it, losing members is an issue most credit unions struggle with on a regular basis. Attrition can […]Read More »
  • Leveraging Analytics to Increase Member Engagement

    Leveraging Analytics to Increase Member Engagement

    Who doesn’t want to improve their member’s engagement with your credit union? No one?  I didn’t think so. What’s the best way to engage our current members? How will we measure what works? These are common questions our credit union clients ask as member engagement is a vital metric to calculate. Understanding and engaging with […]Read More »
  • The Transformational Value of Prescriptive Analytics

    The Transformational Value of Prescriptive Analytics

    Why credit unions should embrace the next frontier in advanced analytics to predict and prescribe outcomes. Advances in data analytics are providing credit unions with powerful new tools to gain insights into their members’ needs and purchasing trends. From using data to assess the past (descriptive analytics) to analyzing data to understand the future (predictive […]Read More »

Testimonials and Recommendations

Brewster Knowlton is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and service oriented. I have worked with Brewster on individual data mining requirements. He seeks to understand needs and intended uses of the data requested and then provides solutions, advice and alternatives based on his expertise and understanding of the project requirements
David J Gosstola CPA, MBATop 50 Credit Union